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Professional Services

  • Special Education Advocacy

  • Parent Training Classes

Why do parents seek a Special Education Advocate & Parent Training?
Our children were not born with an instruction book and sometimes a little guidance and support is helpful. 
Parent Advocacy provides one on one training, resources and personal guidance and direction to help you create what you want in your child's life. We help you work with schools and other providers to understand what your child needs to be successful in school and in their lives.

Parent training classes provides a group atmosphere for learning new ways to support your children while also interacting with other parents with similar interests and needs.

How can a Special Education 
Parent Advocate help parents? 

Raising Children takes hard work. Parenting kids with special needs is often harder work with longer hours!  Knowing this, a parent advocate can be immensely helpful. 
I provide resources and education to help parents understand their child has a civil right to a free and appropriate public education.  Parents can also learn the basics of how and where to get started and how to effectively advocate to receive appropriate services for their child.  Once initial services are received, there is still much to do--so I help parents create a "master plan" that will purposefully plan their child's path through school to living independently.  Early planning helps prevent frustrations and emotional setbacks and helps parent and child move through the process with increased joy and life satisfaction.
We often accompany parents to meetings with teachers and schools to serve as an advocate to help build collaborative, positive relationships or help avoid future conflict or resolve current conflict.  We attend all kinds of meetings including Independent Education Plan (IEP) and 504 Plan meetings. (So what is an IEP?  What is an 504 Plan?)

Another service we provide are meeting management tools and processes that make meetings easier and keep the focus on your child. These tools produce agenda items and note-taking templates with action items for parents and school staff that builds in an accountability and communication system that help track child progress.  When used, these are highly successful and can significantly enhance communication and prevent misunderstandings, confusion and conflict.  
The laws and bureaucracy can feel overwhelming at first.  Visit my resource page and then contact me to help you get started.  With a little support you, too, can learn to advocate with confidence and competence for your child.
Why would you want to attend Parent Training Classes & Workshops 

Want a happier, healthier, less stressed family?  

Parent Learning Solutions, LLC partners with many organizations and individuals in the Northwest to provide trainings and workshops.  We strive to bring relevant information and share proven, successful ways for
supporting your child with developmental disabilities.    

Our trainings are intended to help parents and kids be successful sooner...and that creates happier, healthier and less stressed families.  Our goal is to help parents create small successes that build into big successes!
To find where and when you can attend the following trainings and workshops, contact us!  
  • Basics of special education: What do I do now?  I just found out my child has a disability.  Where do I start with their education at school? (3 hours)
  • Special education--beyond basics:  Working effectively with schools to create an appropriate IEP and 504 Plan (4 hours)
  • How and when to request an independent educational evaluation (IEE) (1 hours)
  • Parenting your teen, 2-day workshop (coming soon!)
  • Parenting your adolescent, 2-day workshop (coming soon!)

There are new classes posted regularly so contact us now to learn about classes near you!

Watch these trainings grow as I continue partnering with specialists and grow the trainings provided.  I can better provide relevant trainings within our communities with your help!  If there is something you want to learn more about, contact me.  If there is enough demand, I can seek a subject matter expert and create that training--or I can help you find that training in your community.
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