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"Words cannot express how grateful I am for Kristine and the absolutely amazing support and help she has provided to our family.  She came into our lives at a time when things were very bleak.  The world was dark and cruel and uncaring about my child.  I had been fighting for such an incredibly long time until I felt there was nothing left as the battle was lost and my son would once again slip through the cracks within the school system with devastating affects and I was so incredibly scared and angry.  Kristine changed that.  She gave hope when I was scared to hope again, but she went even further.  Through step by step process we saw a change. It was small at first, but then it grew and grew into this amazing light with true hope and finally incredible success.  We don't just have hope now, with Kristine's unending support our son has a chance at the life we hoped for him again.  She has made a difference in our lives that will never be forgotten.  Thank you, Kristine."
                                                   ~KW, Covington WA

"Kristine was a huge help to us. We have struggled with the IEP team and process for years and our son was making no progress at all in school. With her assistance, we were able to correctly approach the IEP team and exercise our rights for an independent evaluation. She is very knowledgeable, has great resources, and knows what to do and how to do it. Kristine is a pleasure to work with and will go above and beyond to help you." 
–James & Kris, Renton WA 

"Thanks Kristine for helping get my son back into school.  I could not believe the school kept denying him a 1-1 para that he so desperately needed.  Now he has a 1-1 para and also better IEP goals that include a school/home communication system I had not ever thought of.  Thanks Kristine for helping my son and helping this single mom learn how to advocate for his needs." 
Karen W., Renton WA

"Our whole lives are changed since working with Kristine.  My husband and I used to fight all the time about our daughter and now we have a better handle on what it takes from both of us to help her.  At school we are talking together with teachers instead of fighting with them, too.  Our daughter is happier at home, we all are; and her grades and  behavior are better at school.  Thank you so much, Kristine, for caring about my family and our community."
  ~Connie S., Issaquah WA

"Wow! I am so thankful to have the opportunity to work with Kristine. She is truly a professional woman and expert in her field. Her breadth of knowledge and attention to details is truly phenominal--if she does not know the answer she finds it! Her coaching and expertise has provided me with direction and resources I needed to advance my thinking to the next level to achieve the results for my family I'm looking for!"
~Shelia W., Tacoma, WA

"Kristine has been an outstanding resource and help with my son's educational and emotional challenges. She not only listens, but really hears what you're saying. As a very intuitive person, she is blessed with the ability to see issues from different angles and always promotes win-win solutions focused on my child. I admire Kristine immensely and am grateful for her knowledge, wisdom and tenacity."
~L.S., Maple Valley, WA

"I loved working with Coach Kristine!  She changed my life and that of my family forever.  We could not figure out how to get help for my child and she knew just what we needed to read and research and just what needed to be done.  She helped me understand how to help my child and where to go and find answers for myself.  I feel better, stronger and less stressed; and my whole family is better." 
~Caley R., Tacoma WA


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